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Jesus changes us in the Eucharist

Father Chris Downey, the diocesan vicar for priests and co-director of seminarians, hosted a recent installment of 60 Seconds with the Eucharist, which aired on the diocesan Facebook channel. He said the word transubstantiation is a very important word for Catholics. This is when bread and wine brought forth during the Mass are changed into the body and blood of Christ as the priest places his hands over the bread and wine and prays the words of consecration. The substance of the bread and wine changes to become the body and blood of Christ.

“We believe that when we receive the Eucharist we become one with Jesus,” Father Downey. “He has the power to change me, just as that bread and wine is changed, my whole being is changed when we receive the Lord in the Eucharist.”

The 60 Seconds with the Eucharist series can be found on YouTube, and the videos are shared on the Diocese of Austin Facebook page.

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