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 | By Sara Ramirez

Preaching the Gospel Through Charity

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“Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.” I often hear this quote, commonly attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, referenced in such a way that leans into how unnecessary it is to use words to share the Good News. It’s sometimes used as a justification for silence rather than its intended motivation, which is to embrace the Gospel through our actions. I do not believe St. Francis (if he really said this) intended to give us a pass from sharing the Gospel in our conversations. I imagine he was challenging us to a lifestyle that radiates the love of Jesus Christ in everything we do.

In striving to imitate Christ, we will certainly fail at times, but his mercy and forgiveness restore us. During the Lenten season we prayed, fasted and gave alms to reorient our lives to Christ and follow him more faithfully. As we journey through this Easter season toward the Ascension and Pentecost, we recognize that Jesus, in his infinite wisdom, is preparing us to continue his work here on earth. We are united with him through the Eucharist and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Now is the time for us to carry out the church’s mission of love and service.

That is how we preach the Gospel at Catholic Charities of Central Texas — not just with words but through our actions. We preach the Gospel when we accompany a single mother through her pregnancy and give her the tools she needs for her child to thrive. We preach the Gospel when we help immigrants stay together and safe with their loved ones. We preach the Gospel when we respond to the needs of our neighbors in the aftermath of natural disasters. 

Every time I walk through the halls of Catholic Charities of Central Texas, I am inspired by the way our CCCTX family shares their God-given gifts with the clients who walk through our doors. Each team member brings their own unique talents, skills and experiences to their job. We are a diverse team united in one mission to strengthen families and promote respect for human dignity and life. We are many parts working together in the one body of Christ. We see the face of Christ in every client who walks through our doors, and I hope that our clients see his face in us as well.

As we journey toward Pentecost, I pray the Holy Spirit will grant each of us the courage to preach the Gospel at all times — not just in word but in deed. I ask you to pray for Catholic Charities of Central Texas, that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire our actions, which radiate Christ’s love to those whom God entrusts to our care.

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Sara Ramirez is the executive director of Catholic Charities of Central Texas. She can be reached at or (512) 651-6100.